Christmas Everywhere


I started off the week with completing our Christmas Bay design with my team mates. I brought so much toys from old to new and scattered them around my station.

Bring your toys to work day, eh?


Vlogmas videos are also taking over my subscription box. I’m not caught up with it because I was busy last weekend but I am loving everyone’s videos so far. My top 3 is Zoella, Gabbie (Velvetgh0st) and Lily Melrose, I just find their vlogs very amusing.


Photo from Google

The winter finale of Once Upon A Time was such a cliffhanger! I loved Dark Hook. All of the TV shows that I watch are going to be on Christmas break and won’t be back until January 2016 and OUAT doesn’t come back until March! Withdrawal starts now.

Still on the topic of TV shows, my manager and I were reminiscing on how good Daniel Sharman was on The Originals. He was one of the best actors in the show. Definitely my man crush for December.


Gif from Google

Just look at that face. *swoon* I guess I really do have a thing for guys and jawlines.

On to other topics, the traffic in Metro Manila is horrendous. I know I should get used to it by now but it’s so crazy. I feel so tired afterwards. Ugh.

Made a quick trip to Lush today, I was delighted that they have brought out all of the Christmas stuff. I still stuck with a class though, the Karma soap.


Photo from Lush

I absolutely love the scent of Karma, it has this fresh orange like scent that is so unique but throughout the next year, I will be trying out the other scents.

Me and the Family also did a bit of Christmas food shopping today at S&R Membership Shopping, which I agree is a great place to do it. Buuuuut for some reason there was SO many people there and theirs carts filled to the brim. It was crazy.

I love going to S&R once a month or once every two months just to get some things or food that you won’t really find in the regular grocery shops. For example Kraft Mac and Cheese in bulk (the microwaveable ones), some cakes, Hostess pastries and more. That store is not your typical everyday grocery store.

That was my long and busy week. I hope you guys had fun during your weekend too. Christmas is so near! Ahhh

Maui 🙂


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