Rush Rush Rush

Christmas is next week. Just putting it out there.


A pasta tree to get everyone in the Christmas spirit

Monday, I got my teeth repaired. I got my tooth extracted last month and the dentist suggested to fix my broken fillings, so I agreed. She is done with the upper left half side and next month she will start on the upper right side. It’s a long process but at least during my brother’s wedding, I’ll have good teeth.

I have been rushing to finish buying Christmas Presents for my relatives. Since I have my budget, I am able to finish my list. All the malls are on sale, that’s a plus.

One Direction had their final performance at the X Factor before their 18 month long hiatus. It’s no surprise that I love them and the performance made me emotional. Not only did they sing History but they showed throwback pictures of the lads. Adding salt to the wound, guys. Really.


I am also starting with the book My True Love Gave To Me for a Christmas vibe in my reading agenda.


Saturday, I was supposed to watch Star Wars with my girl friends at Century City Mall but due to the rain we were not able to go. Since me and my friend Em were already outside because of work, she decided that we should hang out instead at Megamall and watch Star Wars there. I was pleased that the taxi driver that I got was very nice.

I didn’t get a chance to binge watch all 6 Star Wars movies before watching the latest one so I went in with little details. It was AMAZING. That’s all I have to say. No spoilers here, of course.

I want my own BB8 for Christmas. A girl can hope, right?


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