TV and Movies

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My favorite TV shows came back this week and I love it. I am all caught up on The Flash, Arrow and officially started on Legends of Tomorrow. Another TV show that my manager introduced to me is Grandfathered. John Stamos and Josh Peck are amazing in it!

I’m still waiting for Once Upon A Time to come back though. March is so loooong.

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2016 In Full Swing

The first week of 2016 has passed and reality is here to pick me up.

After all the festivities it was back to work for me on Monday. I did not miss the commute whatsoever. One of the things that I changed about my commute is riding the MRT (train) to Cubao instead of riding the bus from the entrance of my village to there.

Pro: It reduced my commute to atleast 30 mins
Con: Getting squished in the train for time to time

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Snapchat: What I Feel About It


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Social Media is a part of my daily routine. I always head straight for my phone when I wake up and before I sleep just checking all the platforms that I am signed up to.

Currently, I am on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram and I think that is a lot for me. I can only check so much throughout the day.

Here we are with another one to add in the list.

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