2016 In Full Swing

The first week of 2016 has passed and reality is here to pick me up.

After all the festivities it was back to work for me on Monday. I did not miss the commute whatsoever. One of the things that I changed about my commute is riding the MRT (train) to Cubao instead of riding the bus from the entrance of my village to there.

Pro: It reduced my commute to atleast 30 mins
Con: Getting squished in the train for time to time

The rest of the week was pretty plain for me. Typical work and other stuff.

I have been enjoying Snapchat still. I share the things that I only want to share to my friends and not instagram-worthy for me.


I discovered a new vlogger to watch this week and he is Ryen Lung, his vlog channel VlogAfterCollege is a look into his life with the adorable Gatsby the Corgi. I personally love when he cooks ramen, it looks so easy and it makes me wish that we have an Asian supermarket here (if you guys know if there is one, please tell me)

Me and my brother’s fiancee also had our gowns sketched by her chosen fashion designer Cheetah Rivera. I love how she sketched mine! We meet with her again in April to get the measurements. I seriously need to get my workout on.

Another dental appointment for me, this time to fix the lower left tooth and the upper right side. The left one is on the brink of being pulled or root canal-ed. Guh.

Pretty stable week but productive nonetheless.




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