Life Happens #6

It has been a pretty busy few weeks, with the wedding planning and all. I’m excited that we’re in the last stretch of the planning. We’ve had our consultation for our gowns, this is all real now.


That’s the inspiration behind my dress. I like the flow of the skirt but I want a new top for it.

Lately I have been trying to get my immune system to catch up with my dieting and slowly integrating working out as well. This cold weather is really messing up my immune system. Need to drink more tea.

I haven’t been as invested on YouTube as I used to be but I am working on it but the good thing is, I am all caught up on TV! I am loving Legends of Tomorrow at the moment.


People who have known me since high school, it is no surprise that I love WWE. I started watching since I was 12 and I have been hooked ever since.

Daniel Bryan announced his retirement from in-ring performing last week. I am not the biggest Daniel Bryan fan but I was able to witness his Wrestlemania 30 journey where he won the WWE World Heavyweight Titles.

Photo from

His determination and passion for wrestling are a few of the traits that I like about him. It makes me sad when a wrestler is forced to stop doing what they love but health comes first.

Last Saturday, I spent the day with my girls plus Em’s sister and other bff. Every time I am with them is a good time.

Credit: Em’s Facebook Page

We ate at a super affordable but amazing dimsum place called Wai Ying and then had coffee at Cafe Noriter. Who needs a date when you have your friends?

On Valentine’s Day itself, I just lounged around at home where I ate and slept the day away. Also, I got a cold. Yay. /sarcasm.

Just a quick update about what has happened in my life so far. A bit bleh as of right now.




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