Life Happens #7: The Time I Discovered Butterscotch Beer


A bit of a productive few weeks for me. I managed to do some things on my list and unexpectedly see a friend, nice. I just hope everything falls into place.

My family and I went to a wedding fair at Megamall recently to finish majority of the planning. We were very successful and I even got to pass by Astroplus to pre order a deluxe edition copy of One Direction’s album Made In The AM. Now all I need is FOUR and I am set.

Every time I have been to the Fashion Hall Food Court there is a very long line for the Halal Guys and this time there was close to none, so of course I will try it.


I got a small combo platter for the price of 269 pesos. A combo platter can be Chicken/Falafel or Chicken/Gyro, I opted for the latter, It was pretty good and for a reasonable price. A lot of people that I follow on Instagram say that the NY one is loads better than the one here but I have no comparison (maybe one day) I do recommend people to try it at least once.

I bought a Super Wide clip lens for my phone recently (the blue one on the far right) to assist in getting some shots, especially for flatlays and aerial food shots. I don’t have to raise my hands really high since I am very short. Since I don’t have an SLR camera, having different lenses help me in taking pictures for the blog.


I finally replaced my laptop after almost a year. This new one has a bigger screen, memory and better processor, the trip to Gilmore was well worth it. My laptop’s name is Chip.

After getting my laptop, the bro, myself and his fiance stopped by Robinson’s Magnolia for lunch. While roaming around the mall, I found this little gem.

You see that right. Butterscotch “Beer”. I put quotation marks because this is non-alcoholic.

I love the fact that the name of the company is Flying Cauldron too. A warning,the drink is a little sweet, you can always dilute it with Sprite or Soda Water. Think of this as melted butterball candy with a little soda water.

If you fancy a little bit of that, you can find it at any Healthy Options branches.

What a busy week indeed and I made it out in one piece. Off to another week.



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