Life Update: Foodie Week

Hello there. Long time no see.

I haven’t written anything here recently, which is a bummer. I’ve been busy with life and work.

June 20 was supposed to be the day that me and majority of my officemates will move to our other site in Bonifacio Global City, but during the middle of the week it was extended by our management to another week. Our official move date will be June 27.

It’s a bittersweet moment for me because this place has been my office “home” for 5+ years. I’m just a very sentimental person and not a person of change.

I got a random idea when I was commuting. I thought that I should try a restaurant or food item each day before I fully leave Eastwood. This sounds like I’m overreacting but trust me, this place is out of way for me and I don’t know when I’ll come back. I decided to do just this week instead off a full 2 weeks.

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Maid of Honor Duties: Food Tasting #1

As you all know I am the Maid of Honor in my brother’s wedding this October. Part of my duties is to assist the bride as often as possible, in this case attend different things related to the nuptials (i.e. Wedding Fairs, Food Tastings, of course the Fitting).

Last Saturday I attended one of the many food tastings for the wedding. The couple’s chosen caterer is Juan Carlo Catering and they are very nice and accommodating.

The food tasting was set up at Fernwood Gardens and they know how to deck a place out. What caught my eye the most was the centerpiece, I loved the candles with seashells and the flowers.

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Life Happens #6

It has been a pretty busy few weeks, with the wedding planning and all. I’m excited that we’re in the last stretch of the planning. We’ve had our consultation for our gowns, this is all real now.


That’s the inspiration behind my dress. I like the flow of the skirt but I want a new top for it.

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TV and Movies

Photos from Google

My favorite TV shows came back this week and I love it. I am all caught up on The Flash, Arrow and officially started on Legends of Tomorrow. Another TV show that my manager introduced to me is Grandfathered. John Stamos and Josh Peck are amazing in it!

I’m still waiting for Once Upon A Time to come back though. March is so loooong.

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2016 In Full Swing

The first week of 2016 has passed and reality is here to pick me up.

After all the festivities it was back to work for me on Monday. I did not miss the commute whatsoever. One of the things that I changed about my commute is riding the MRT (train) to Cubao instead of riding the bus from the entrance of my village to there.

Pro: It reduced my commute to atleast 30 mins
Con: Getting squished in the train for time to time

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Twenty Fifteen

In a few minutes 2015 will be over.

I can’t believe it went by so fast but I can say that it was my most fulfilling year yet. I traveled, I socialized, discovered new things, and reflected on everything that has happened throughout the year.

I celebrated my four years of working on February 14. Man, it’s been that long already. What an achievement for me.

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Christmas Weekend

This week is a busy one indeed. Christmas is here!


I did some last minute shopping at Lush for my brother’s fiancee and fixed the gifts that I need to give out. Got her the Snow Fairy body wash and Bubblegum Lip Scrub.

Festive coffee cups at Costa Coffee

Also gave out cheesecake at the office as Christmas presents. Nothing says Happy Holidays than food.

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Rush Rush Rush

Christmas is next week. Just putting it out there.


A pasta tree to get everyone in the Christmas spirit

Monday, I got my teeth repaired. I got my tooth extracted last month and the dentist suggested to fix my broken fillings, so I agreed. She is done with the upper left half side and next month she will start on the upper right side. It’s a long process but at least during my brother’s wedding, I’ll have good teeth.

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